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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chanukah Issues - Igrot Moshe Orach Chayim 4

In a quick paragraph at the end of teshuva #101 in this volume, Rav Moshe states that his preferred candle lighting time is 10 minutes after the beginning of sunset (what we would call 10 minutes after שקיעת החמה). He notes that if a person lights that such a time he will need sufficient oil to last for about an hour, as the candles have to remain lit until half an hour beyond dark.

In the final section of teshuva #105 in the same volume, Rav Moshe discusses whether or not a person should light candles in a place where there will be no פירסומי ניסא (publicizing of the miracle). He notes that publicizing the miracle to non-Jews only does not count, and thus what should a person do if he is alone somewhere. Even further, the halacha is that a person who is travelling and is unable to light can rely on his wife's lighting at home in order to fulfill his own obligation - what if the individual can rely on his wife but also has the capability of lighting?

Rav Moshe rules that in such a case an individual should light for himself, even if he will be the only person to see the candles. Even further, such an individual should light with a bracha, as the need to publicize the miracle, crucial as it is, does not hold up the performance of the mitzva. As such, someone who arrives home very late at night when his entire family is sleeping should nevertheless light with a bracha, as doing so will publicize the miracle at least for himself.

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